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REcords of Asia Cup 2006

1st place : University of Indonesia
2nd place : University of Malaya
3rd place : National University of Singapore
4th place : The University of Hong Kong
5th place : Ateneo de Manila University
6th place : Chulalongkorn University
7th place : Kyoto University
8th place : Waseda University
9th place : Osaka University


Memorial Ranking
Best Memorial Awards : National University of Singapore
Outstanding Achievement Memorial Award : Ateneo de Manila University
High Achievement Memorial Award : Universitas Indonesia
4th place : The University of Hong Kong
5th place : Waseda University
6th place : University of Malaya
7th place : University of Kyoto
8th place : Chulalongkorn University
9th place : University of Osaka
10th place : The School of Excellence in Law


Oralist Ranking
Best Oralist Awards : Mr. Timothy Parker(The University of Hong Kong)
Outstanding Achievent Orarist Award : Mr. Harjo Winoto(Universitas Indonesia)
3rd place : Mr. Patrick S. Perilo(Ateneo de Manila University)
3th place : Ms. King Lune Seto(University of Hong Kong)
4th place : Mr. Jordan Zhengxian Tan(National University of Singapore)
5th place : Ms. Julie Ann Domino(Ateneo de Manila University)
6th place : Mr. Ng Yew Huoi(University of Malaya)
7th place : Ms. Melissa Butar Butar(University of Indonesia)
8th place : Mr. Kien Mun Chong(University of Malaya)
9h place : Ms. Teerin Vanikieti(Chulalongkorn University)
10th place : Ms. Selena Kong(University of Malaya)


University of Hong Kong, University of Indonesia, University of Kyoto, University of Osaka, Waseda University, University of Malaya, Ateneo de Manila University, National University of Singapore, Chulalongkorn University

Comments of judges

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